Committee Members

General Chair
Janet O'Neil, ETS-Lindgren
Dennis Lewis, Boeing
Stephen Scearce, Cisco
Secretary/Youth Technical Program Chair
Stephanie Zajac, NASA/JPL
Technical Program Chair
Frank Leferink, University of Twente/THALES
Exhibition/Sponsorship Chair
Alistair Duffy, De Montfort University
Registration Chair
Bonnie Brench, Consultant
Publications Chair
Vignesh Rajamani, Exponent
Project Manager/Volunteer Coordinator
Alpesh Bhobe, Cisco
Marketing Co-Chairs
Janet O'Neil, ETS-Lindgren
Susanne Kaule, Lumiloop
Technical Papers Chair EMC
Zhiping Yang, Waymo
Technical Papers Chair SIPI
Xiaoning Ye, Intel
Special Sessions Co-Chair
Todd Hubing, LearnEMC/Clemson University
Special Sessions Co-Chair
Francesca Maradei, University of Rome, La Sapienza
Workshops and Tutorial Co-Chair
Flavia Grassi, Politecnico di Milano
Workshops and Tutorial Co-Chair
John Maas, IBM
Clayton R. Paul Global University
Mark Steffka, University of Detroit - Mercy
Standards Week Chair
Ross Carlton, Gibbs & Cox
Experiments & Demonstrations Co-Chairs
Jacob Dixon, IBM
Gabe Alcala, Advanced Test Equipment Corp (ATEC)
Student EMC Hardware Design Competition Co-Chairs
Pavithrakrishnan Radhakrishnan, KU Leuven, Bruges Campus
Mohammad Kameli, KU Leuven, Bruges Campus
Zhao Chen, KU Leuven, Bruges Campus and Barco, Belgium
Young Professionals
Patrick DeRoy, Analog Devices
Companion Program Chair
Emily Lewis
Conference Management
Michelle Measel, IEEE MCE
Kelly Scott-Olson, ATG Productions
Social Media
Rachel Norrod, Lemonade Social Media



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