Committee Members

General Chair
Janet O'Neil, ETS-Lindgren
Dennis Lewis, Boeing
Stephen Scearce, Cisco
Secretary/Youth Technical Program Chair
Stephanie Zajac, NASA/JPL
Technical Program Chair
Frank Leferink, University of Twente/THALES
Exhibition/Sponsorship Chair
Alistair Duffy, De Montfort University
Registration Chair
Bonnie Brench, Consultant
Publications Chair
Vignesh Rajamani, Exponent
Project Manager/Volunteer Coordinator
Alpesh Bhobe, Cisco
Marketing Co-Chairs
Janet O'Neil, ETS-Lindgren
Susanne Kaule, Gauss Instruments
Technical Papers Chair EMC
Zhiping Yang, Waymo
Technical Papers Chair SIPI
Xiaoning Ye, Intel
Special Sessions Co-Chair
Todd Hubing, LearnEMC/Clemson University
Special Sessions Co-Chair
Francesca Maradei, University of Rome, La Sapienza
Workshops and Tutorial Co-Chair
Flavia Grassi, Politecnico di Milano
Workshops and Tutorial Co-Chair
John Maas, IBM
Clayton R. Paul Global University
Mark Steffka, University of Detroit - Mercy
Standards Week Chair
Ross Carlton, ETS-Lindgren
Experiments & Demonstrations Co-Chairs
Jacob Dixon, IBM
Gabe Alcala, Advanced Test Equipment Corp (ATEC)
Young Professionals
Patrick DeRoy, Analog Devices
Conference Management
Michelle Measel, IEEE MCE
Kelly Scott-Olson, ATG Productions
Social Media
Rachel Norrod, Lemonade Social Media