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About Spokane

Whether you are here for a convention, meeting, business, or pleasure you’ll have time to experience everything the city has to offer. Home to the largest urban waterfall, Spokane is a unique and vibrant city waiting for you to explore all of its offerings. Spokane is a place where city life mingles harmoniously with nature. Amid the charm and bustle of urban downtown Spokane, you’ll find a city rich in historic architecture, remarkable restaurateurs, brilliant winemakers, and sensational craft brewers to inspire any adventure.

Explore Area Attractions

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Riverside Park

When you are standing in the 100-acres of beauty that makes Riverfront Park an urban oasis, it's hard to imagine just 50-years ago it was an old rail yard. The Spokane River winds through and cascades over basalt rock and two dams to create the largest urban waterfall in the country.

Explore the Spokane Falls

Spokane’s pride and joy, the Spokane Falls roar right through downtown and cascade over a series of waterfalls. Head down into Huntington Park to get right next to the falls and the soak zone. Or drop down to the falls overlook area on the north end of the Monroe Street Bridge for the perfect view of the upper and lower falls, Spokane Falls Skyride, and downtown skyline. Then, be sure to walk along the Centennial Trail and discover the dozens of walking bridges that cross between the islands of Riverfront Park and the upper falls.


Skyride Above the Falls

The Numerica SkyRide provides the best views of Spokane Falls. As you descend over 200 feet across the river, you pass under the historic Monroe Street Bridge and over the wonder and beauty of the falls.




Spokane’s museums offer inspiring and stimulating experiences that are not to be missed. Whether you are seeking an educational or artistic outing, or simply a new destination, the museums of Spokane offer something for everyone.



Heritage Walk

Experience the history of the Intermountain Northwest with this free self-guided walking tour and see the beautifully restored historic buildings, homes, and monuments. To take the tour, visit the Historic Preservation Office’s website or stop by one of our visitor information centers to pick up a printed brochure.



Area Information

Getting Around Spokane/Ground Transportation

Getting around Spokane is simple.  Spokane is a destination that’s easy to navigate and simple to explore, and with an abundance of resources, it’s even easier to find the perfect Spokane experience for your trip.




When shopping in the Spokane region, visitors will find everything from local boutiques to major department stores, a variety of vintage and antique shops to outdoor gear suppliers and specialty grocery stores.

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Whatever you're craving, you'll find it in Spokane. From award-winning restaurants to casual dining experiences Spokane is full of options that will fulfill whatever your tastebuds desire.

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Whether you are seeking an educational or artistic outing, or simply a new destination, the museums of Spokane offer something for everyone.

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Outdoors and Adventure

Spokane is perfect for people who love the outdoors. From the Spokane River gorge to the peak of Mt. Spokane, you’ll find stunning scenery, adventure, and tranquility.

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The best time to visit Spokane is from late June to early September. In Spokane, the summer months are warm, dry, and mostly clear.  Average temperatures in August are highs of 83 °F/28 °C and lows of 55 °F/13 °C

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Map of Spokane, WA

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Travel Visa Information

United States citizens do not need a U.S. visa or passport for travel to Spokane, WA.  If you are not a US citizen, you may need a visa for entry into the US. 

Once you register for the conference, you can download a letter indicating that you will be attending the conference. 

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